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Mountain T.O.P.'s Yard Sale

Many people eagerly away Mountain T.O.P.'s biannual yard sale. The next yard sale is coming up soon: Friday and Saturday, February 26th and 27th.Throughout the year items are collected to sell. Some items are just strictly donations from folks. Other items are collected through what the organization calls "partnership".

"Mountain T.O.P. is a partnership ministry, not a charity," says Brooke Freeman, Program Manger of Recruiting and Public Awareness. "We work with families, not for them. We believe everyone has an asset to give. With our home repair program, partnership can be a family paying for materials and Mountain T.O.P. supplying labor. Or we have families who donate something of value to us. We then turn around and sell that in one of our yard sales, turning their donation into cash. That cash is put right back into the community through a variety of our programs."

So next time you are thinking about giving back to your community, consider Mountain T.O.P.'s yard sale.