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Dark Sky Viewing

Dark Sky Viewing

Tennessee State Parks are exceptionally well suited to night sky viewing. Many parks partner with regional and local astronomy clubs to offer astronomy programs, dark sky viewings, star trail photography workshops and star parties. Programs are suited to all levels of interest and ability from amateur astronomers to seasoned stargazers. Topics and activities vary from park to park but often iclude: astrophotography, eclipses, telescopes, the milky way, making star charts, learning the names of constellations and other fun astronomyactivities. Most programs take place in the evening and last a few hours but there are a few overnight options available. 

Pickett CCC Memorial State Park and Fall Creek Falls State Park have dedicated astronomy weekends and star parties. These immersive weekends are a great way to observe distant galaxies, planets, exploding stars through telescopes, discuss the night sky and spatial relationships in the solar system.

Whether you choose to view the night sky on your own, or participate in a Dark Sky program at a park, viewing the night sky and learning about astronomy is a rewarding hobby and can bring hours of enjoyment.


To see if there are dark sky programs at a park near you, please visit the Tennessee State Park event calendar.