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Animal Alliance South Cumberland - Receives a Grant from the Petco Foundation

Animal Alliance-South Cumberland<o :p></o> Receives a Grant from the Petco Foundation  In an ongoing effort to help control overpopulation of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cat in our area, Animal Alliance is happy to have received a grant from the Petco Foundation in the amount of $2,500 to help low income pet owners spay and neuter their male cats and dogs.  Low income pet owners can now get their male cats or dogs “fixed” for only $5 with proof of low income.<o :p></o> <o :p> </o> With this “Neuter is Cuter” campaign, the volunteers at Animal Alliance are hoping to draw in more pet owners with male dogs and cats and have a larger impact on the area’s population of unwanted puppies and kittens, since these male dogs and cats… Read More

Dog on Lap While Driving; Unsafe ... and Illegal

Dog on Lap While Driving:  Unsafe...and Illegal   While driving under the influence was once the major focus of safety on the road, distracted driving of all kinds has gained national attention in recent years. Texting and driving has proven to be the latest serious road hazard; it has cost a number of lives, and 42 states have developed laws and campaigns against it. Now many states are focusing their attention on a new threat - one that has gone under the radar thus far, but may prove to be as dangerous as texting and driving. This one involves the widely practiced habit of driving with a pet on one's lap. Why it's a problem There are no… Read More

Dining Out: Do's and Don'ts for Dining with your Pet

Dining Out: Do's and Don'ts for Dining with your Pet The relationship between pets and their parents is stronger than ever before and it is now more common for pet parents to bring their furry best friend along… Read More

Thanksgiving Pet Travel Tips

  Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the busy Holiday travel season. Time to start planning your Holiday getaway - whether it be to the in-laws, Grandma's, or somewhere in between!  Before you hit the road, it's important to… Read More

Planning A Cross-Country Move With Your Pet

Planning A Cross-Country Move With Your Pet   Tips to Make the Journey Go More Smoothly A cross-country move is no small feat. The logistics alone of packing up all of your worldly belongings and getting them to your new… Read More