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Make a Difference Day On March 4 ... Communities Working Together

Make a Difference Day On March 4 ... Communities Working Together

To the Editor:

South Cumberland Community Fund would like to thank all the folks who helped Make a Difference day on March 4 work so beautifully this year! We had more than 300 volunteers working at eight elementary schools: Pelham, Palmer, Swiss, North, Coalmont, Tracy City, Monteagle and Sewanee. To all of you who gave your time and talents, we offer our gratitude. The Community Fund asked each school about needs it had, and how we we could help. The projects included organizing and reactivating school libraries, clearing walking trails, playground improvements, working in school gardens, and large murals at three schools. 

It is impossible to name everyone who helped. But I offer a special thank you to the principals and teachers/project leaders at each school, to Jessie Kinsey, director of Grundy County Schools; Jeff Sholey, maintenance supervisor of Grundy County Schools; and Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum. This day was also made possible because of the Community Fund’s partnership with the University of the South’s Office of Civic Engagement and the AmeriCorps VISTA program.


“Serving together, we are united together.” 


This is how Coalmont Elementary School Principal Russell Ladd described the Make a Difference project as it wrapped up on Saturday afternoon. Russell captured the very essence of South Cumberland Community Fund in his words. The Community Fund works at strengthening our home through philanthropy and leadership, connecting our Mountain by encouraging collaboration across the Plateau, and envisioning our future as one of hope and prosperity.

Thank you.

Laura Willis

Executive Director, South Cumberland Community Fund