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Spring Breaks are Just Around The Corner...Things to Do With Your Kids On Spring Break.

Things to Do With Your Kids on Spring Break

1. Play outdoors.

If weather permits, pack a picnic and a Frisbee or a kite and head outdoors. Since you have more time than a normal school day afternoon, consider driving to a more distant park or hiking trail and exploring someplace new (bonus points if it has a petting zoo, an ice skating rink, or other kid-friendly activities). If it’s cold and rainy, why not spread out a blanket and have an indoor picnic instead?

2. Throw a crafternoon.

Rainy days are the perfect time to tackle a craft project. Cover a table with newspaper or an old drop cloth and let kids’ imaginations run wild as they decorate rocks, empty egg cartons, paper plates, or other items that lying around the house. Pinterest has tons of spring break craft ideas. If you want to get out, check Groupon and other daily deal websites for discounts on art classes or other activities. Lowe’s hosts free Build and Grow workshops around the country where kids can learn to make things and take their projects home.

3. Check out a farmer’s market.

Want to get kids excited about eating fresh produce? Your local farmer’s market is a great place to pique their curiosity. Have the kids search for unfamiliar fruits and veggies to try and let them chat up the farmers about where things grow and how they’re harvested. Then bring home some new fruits and veggies and get the kids to help you prepare them.

4. Have a movie marathon.

Borrow movies from your local library or check out these spring break movie streaming suggestions. A batch of homemade popcorn costs very little and makes a home movie marathon extra fun. Your local movie theater might be hosting spring break camps or special discounted showings during spring break so it’s worth asking.

Enjoy Your Time Together … Yesterday Gone, Tomorrow May Not Come, Day is a Present … Enjoy.

God Bless