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Grundy GOP Straw Poll to be held February 13

Grundy GOP Straw Poll to be held February 13

On Saturday, February 13 @ 10am cst, the Grundy County Republican Party will host their first presidential primary straw poll at the Grundy County Courthouse, 2nd Floor.  The featured speakers will be from the top 3 candidate campaigns (all campaigns are welcome to attend and participate).

Representing Donald Trump will be Nashville Metro City Councilman and Emmy Award winning producer Robert Swope.  

Representing Ted Cruz will be 4th District Ted Cruz for President chairman Edward Phillips.

Representing Marco Rubio will be TN State Representative Ron Travis.

The Grundy GOP Straw Poll is an informal gathering of friends and neighbors who want to hear what their presidential candidate representatives have to say and then cast their "unofficial" ballot for the person they feel best represents their values or priorities.  Who will Grundy County pick for their next President of the United States of America?  For more information go to the Grundy County Republican Party event page on Facebook.