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What it Means to Surrender

What it means to Surrender,      As long as I can remember to surrender is something that no one ever wants to do.  With all of the war movies I grew up watching to surrender meant almost certain death, a very slow death.  If you were ever captured you were expected to do all you can to escape and not to give in to the enemy.  So you spent all of your time looking for ways to escape and get back to the world that you came from.  This has been the theme of so many movies, books, and even plays over the years that it has been embedded into us that we should never surrender.  Well I am here to say that all of these… Read More

Mum's the Word

Mum's the Word Classy and so flashy, mums could be the answer to a drab garden.                     An enormous range of colors, forms and shapes give the gardener a lot of mums to choose from. Back in mid-15th-century China, mums were so revered that only the royals were allowed to grow them. Today, these crowned jewels grace gardens all over the world, and there are enough shapes, sizes, colors and forms to give an old-world favorite plenty of present-day appeal. For more than half a century mum expert Ted King has been growing these flowers. "I was just amazed at all the differences — from the tiny little buttons to the vast number of colors," says King. Mums are one of the easiest plants to propagate; new growth is the most… Read More

Tennessee Agriculture Cost Share Programs

Tennessee Agriculture Cost Share Programs        The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has released the 2016 application for the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP). Applications must be postmarked or hand delivered between October 1 and November 1, 2016. Do not… Read More

Winning the Lottery,

       I have heard this phrase time and time again, “If only I could win the lottery”.  So many people thing that money will give them everything that they need in their lives.  They feel that if… Read More

First Baptist Church Monteagle Announces its 10th Annual Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show

First Baptist Church Monteagle Announces its 10th Annual Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Saturday, October 1, 2016 (Rain Date October 8, 2016) First 50 to register receive Dash Plaques, Must be registed by Noon.  All Proceeds… Read More